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The accompanying agreements, along with all the remaining terms and legal notice situated on Distance College Zone (on the whole, "Terms"), oversee your use of Distance College Zone (the "platform"). If you fail to understand the term and condition and consent to be limited, do not use the website. Your utilization of this Site at whenever is an authoritative understanding by you to submit to these Terms.


On registration, you agree to:

  1. Make your contact and all required details accessible to Distance College Zone, you might be contacted by Distance College Zone for education data through email, phone or SMS. Get limited of offers from Distance College Zone platform.

Restrictions Regarding Materials

  1. All data, documents, programming, pictures, photos, text, administrations and other comparative materials (on the whole, "Materials") contained in this platform are given are the protected work of College Distance Zone. Besides as expressed thus, none of the Materials might be replicated, imitated, appropriated, republished, downloaded, showed, posted or sent in any structure or using any and all means, including, yet not restricted to, electronic, mechanical, copying, recording, etc., without the earlier express composed authorization of Distance College Zone. No piece of the website, including logos, designs, sounds or pictures, might be duplicated or retransmitted in any capacity, or using any and all means, without the earlier express composed consent of Distance College Zone.
  2. Authorization is conceded to show, copy, disseminate and download Distance College Zone Materials on this Site gave that: (1) both the copyright notice recognized underneath and this consent notice show up in the Materials, (2) the use of such Materials is exclusively for individual, non business and enlightening use and won't be replicated or posted on any network computer or broadcast in any media, and (3) no alterations of any of the Materials are made. This authorization terminates automatically without notice assuming you break any of these terms and conditions. Upon end, you will quickly annihilate any downloaded or printed Materials. Any unapproved use of any Materials contained on this website might disregard intellectual copyright laws, trademark laws, and other related laws and may have various legal consequences.
  3. Materials given by Outsider Suppliers have not been freely validated in that frame of mind to some degree by 'Distance College Zone'. We may, in its only prudence, end the entrance freedoms of clients who encroach or in any case abuse others' licensed innovation privileges.


Notwithstanding different disclaimers and limitations discussed about it in this notice, there are no assurances and no guarantees in regards to online accessibility, impressions, and navigate of Distance College Zone, its website pages, and any material, data, link or content introduced on the website pages at Distance College Zone, might be inaccessible for online access at whenever. Any advertising ought to be connected with intelligent digital television and related subject knowledge. 'Distance College Zone' maintains all authority to acknowledge or to dismiss any advertising support or any promoting under any circumstance.


In no event and by no means and under no legitimate hypothesis, misdeed, contract, or in any case will 'Distance College Zone' be at risk, without restriction, for any harms at all, including immediate, indirect, accidental, significant or correctional harms, emerging out of any admittance to or any use of or any failure to access or use this website including any material, data, connections, and content got to through this site or through any connected external website.


  1. The material, data, link, and content introduced on and by this website is of an overall sort in particular and isn't expected to address the particular conditions, necessities, or some other requirements of a specific individual or element. It cannot be ensured that the material, data, link and content introduced on and by this site is comprehensive, complete, accurate, sufficient, timely, or up to date for any particular purpose or use. The material, data, link and content introduced on and by this site ought not be viewed as expert, legal, business, financial, investment, or purchasing advice (if you need specific advice, you should always consult a suitably qualified professional). Connections might become invalid, may terminate, or may become misled out of the time.
  2. Distance College Zone will have individuals from everywhere in India and abroad who are using this Site. So to guarantee consistency in the understanding and requirement of these Terms, the Site, and your use of the website will be administered in all regards by the laws of India.
  3. In the event any or a piece of the arrangements of these Terms are held invalid, unlawful or generally unenforceable by a Court, such arrangement will be considered corrected to be legitimate, legitimate and enforceable to the furthest reaches allowed under relevant regulation, and the excess arrangements of these Terms will stay in full power and impact. These Terms are restricting upon you and your heirs, representatives, successors and assigns.

Mobile Services

  1. The endorser using this service will be considered to have assented to be limited by every one of the relevant agreements of this assistance.
  2. Your cell phone number (MSISDN) will be used during the transmission of the text messaged through the versatile specialist co-op's server for SMS Service.
  3. The supporter figures out that he/she can avail SMS services at his/her caution and the said service will be benefited in such choices as are made accessible by Distance College Zone every once in a while.
  4. This help is dependent upon rules / directions gave by Telecom Regulatory Authority of India or some other legal authority as applicable from time to time.
  5. The SMS or its content once sent for availing the message service will be treated as last and the equivalent can't be removed, changed or recovered in this manner for any reason.
  6. Membership Administrations give you admittance to specific Substance for a chose timeframe, which will be as shown and picked by you prior to purchase. The recurrence with which you will get the significant Substance will be advised to you at the time you buy in for the service.
  7. You won't post or send any content that is oppressive, disgusting, racial, sexually oriented or against public interest. Distance College Zone Instructive Administrations maintains whatever authority is needed to suspend your record on the off chance that any restrictive or shocking substance is found and may additionally start proper judicial procedures against you.
  8. The clients will remain solely answerable for all content, data, information began from the clients and sent by means of the service (content), and the clients will likewise reimburse Distance College Zone and/ or the Administrator, against all third party cases connecting with the clients content or because of the clients act, negligence or omission.
  9. You are limited by the agreements as referenced thus and as expressed on the website.
  10. Message conveyance is contingent to Mobile operator’s specialized foundation and its organization uptime.
  11. By utilizing different SMS based services from Distance College Zone you consent to get calls, messages and so forth.
  12. By consenting to register at Distance College Zone a user permits Distance College Zone to reach out to him/ her from time to time or offers in regards to careers, admissions, jobs and ancillary services on mobile. This can include exciting offers, information, as well as promotions.
  13. This service is live in India and abroad.


You address that you are not a minor and that you are not under any legitimate or other incapacities which restricts your capacity to conform to these Terms or to introduce and use the product you buy with the negligible risk of harm to you or others.

Use of Website

You address, warrant and pledge that your use of the Site will not:

  1. abuse any relevant local, provincial, state, public or worldwide regulation, resolution, law, rule or guideline;
  2. slow down or disturb computer networks associated with the Site;
  3. imitate some other individual or element, or make any distortion regarding your work by or alliance with some other individual or substance;
  4. produce headers or in any way control identifiers in order to the beginning of any client data;
  5. host, adjust, transfer, post, send, distribute or disseminate any material or data for which you do not have every essential right and license;
  6. host, change, transfer, post, publish, distribute any material which encroaches, abuses, breaks or in any case negates the privileges of any third party right, including any copyright, brand name, patent, freedoms of protection or exposure or some other restrictive right;
  7. host, change, transfer, post, send, distribute, or disseminate any material or data which contains a computer virus, or other code, documents or projects expecting in any way to upset or slow down the working of the Site, or that of other computer systems;
  8. host, adjust, transfer, post, communicate, distribute, or appropriate any material or data that is terribly hurtful, hassling, obtrusive of another's protection, disdainful, deriding, connecting with illegal tax avoidance or unlawful, or which may possibly be seen as being destructive, compromising, oppressive, irritating, disparaging, slanderous/impious, disgusting, profane, or racially, ethnically, or generally unlawful in any way at all;
  9. host, change, transfer, post, send, distribute or circulate any material or data which is or energizes direct that would comprise a criminal offense, lead to other obligation, or in any case disregard relevant regulation;
  10. host, change, transfer, post, send, distribute or disseminate any data that tricks or deceives the recipient about the beginning of such messages or conveys any data which is terribly hostile or threatening in nature;
  11. host, adjust, transfer, post, communicate, distribute or appropriate any material or data that has a place with someone else and to which the client has no option;
  12. host, change, transfer, post, send, distribute or disseminate any material or data that hurt minors in any capacity;
  13. host, change, transfer, post, send, distribute or disseminate any material or data that undermines the solidarity, respectability, safeguard, security or sway of India, well-disposed relations with unfamiliar states, or public request or makes affectation the commission of any cognisable offence or forestalls examination of any offence or is offending some other country.
  14. obstruct or disturb the utilization of the Site by some other client, nor, compromise, or in any way badger another client;
  15. use the Site in such a way as to acquire unapproved section or admittance to the PC frameworks of others;
  16. repeat, duplicate, change, sell, store, disperse or in any case exploit for any business purposes the Site, or any part thereof (counting, however not restricted to any materials or data open through the Site);
  17. use any gadget, programming or routine to meddle or endeavor to impede the appropriate working of the Site; or
  18. make any move that forces a preposterous or excessively enormous burden on the Site infrastructure.
  19. Access information not expected for you or sign into server or record that you are not approved to get to;
  20. Endeavor to test, sweep or test the weakness of a framework or organization;
  21. Endeavor or break security or verification measures without appropriate approval;

Utilization of this Site is despite all advice to the contrary, and the 'Distance College Zone' won't be expected to take responsibility for any blunders or exclusions contained in this Site. In no event, will the 'Distance College Zone' be at risk for any extraordinary, aberrant or important harms, or any harms at all subsequent from loss of purpose, information or benefits whether agreement, carelessness or any misdeed activity emerging out of, or regarding, the utilization or execution of the data accessible from Distance College Zone.